About Jones Farm

Jones Family Farms – Lopez Island, WA

Jones Family Farms (JFF) is a diversified family-owned and operated business producing grass-fed meats and shellfish on Lopez Island. JFF also sources and distributes other fine quality Northwest seafood sustainably harvested from regional waters. JFF is dedicated to the highest quality artisanal food production, distribution, and land stewardship.

Commercial fishing is where Jones Farms began. In 2001 Nick got a free boat from a friend, leased a permit from Dick and Jean Plummer and actualized his longtime dream of operating his own boat in Puget Sound.  Fish were sold off the boat to friends and neighbors, and then to stores and restaurants.  Shortly afterward Sara came on board, and we were on our way.  Fishing remained a mainstay of our livelihood until 2009 when we sold our permit because of increasing family responsibilities and a patch of poor fishing. While we no longer fish, we still work with a network of friends near and far to supply top quality Northwest seafood to our customers.

As our family grew and fishing operations waned, we developed our livestock operation, starting with rotationally grazed cattle on leased land. Our commitment to creating a whole system approach farming expanded and we added on pasture-raised pigs and grassfed goats as well as a home-production poultry operation.

In 2005 we purchased our 5.5 acre shellfish farm to further expand our high quality, local food offerings and diversify our production base. We began selling manila, littleneck and butterclams and expanded to pacific, flat and olympia oysters as well as mussels.