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Jones Family Farms in Bon Appétit magazine

Oysterland: A Journey to the Heart of Bivalve Country “Nick Jones, a lanky and bespectacled 36-year-old, took me to the rocky bay where he farms his oysters. He explained that two species dominate the American market: Crassotrea virginicas, a.k.a. Easterns, native to the Atlantic coast but farmed on both coasts and the source of more […]

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Jones Farm on

Local and Sustainably Caught San Juan Islands Halibut Arrives at Elliott’s Oyster House Photos attached courtesy of Elliott’s Oyster House. SEATTLE, WA – Elliott’s Oyster House is pleased to announce the arrival of fresh San Juan Islands halibut to the restaurant.  This succulent fish is available to diners starting today March 19. Caught in the deep waters […]

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