For many years we have participated in sustainable harvest practices of Puget Sound and Alaskan wild salmon. Due to recent inconsistencies in salmon runs, increasing costs and our changing business needs, we have cut back on our commercial fishing efforts while partnering with local, long-standing, quality oriented fisherman to maintain a fish supply. In order to assure the highest quality salmon, fish are bled, dressed and iced immediately and handled with care. We specialize in seasonal and unusual fish and crustaceans harvested by the most responsible and quality oriented methods in use. We work with inspected facilities to process our salmon to order and into convenient ready to use packages for our customers.

We are proud to round out our own production with carefully selected offerings of seafood, and it is our privilege to make the bounty of our local waters accessible to our customers.



In late winter/early spring we partner with the Finkbonner Family and the Lummi Nation to supply tribally harvested halibut.  These fish have an entirely different quality than the more typical Alaskan fish. They are buttery, rich, and with a depth of flavor unmatched in other halibut stocks. We tell our customers to expect a fish reminiscent of Fluke or John Dory. We are delighted to showcase these fish as the unique and special stock they are. We offer fresh halibut in season, catches permitting, from early March through late May. Later in the spring and through mid summer we also work with Jeremy Brown, a Neah Bay troller to bring in coastal halibut. These are available fresh only, and in limited quantities through late July. We also freeze a small volume of tribal fish for retail sale in vacuum-packed filets.


We source our salmon from a variety of fishermen using a variety of harvest techniques, both locally and from Alaska.  Fraser River Sockeye was our first love as the basis of our own fishing operation.  These fish have been passing through the San Juans since time immemorial and islanders have always counted on their bounty.  We purchase all of this fish we can lay our hands on from Jack Giard, a Lopez Reef net Fishermen and Dan Post and Arn Veal, gillnetters from Lopez and Guemes Islands, respectively.  The Fraser fish are unlike any other sockeye, there is poetry to their flesh and we revere them as the historic lifeblood of our island community. These fishermen also catch Fraser River Pink Salmon on odd years. These fish too are particularly lovely.  Our local fisheries typically run from late July through early September.

The Finkbonner family is our primary source for the superlative local Coho caught in and around the Lummi nation. These fish feed almost exclusively on crab larvae and the flesh has a flavor more reminiscent of lobster than typical salmon. We have also begun to work with the Bornstein family operation in Bellingham to secure local sources of salmon.

We offer fresh salmon from May through late November and frozen and smoked salmon year round.