Farmland Restoration

Our focus is on returning farmland to optimal agricultural productivity using the best management practices with concern for environmental conditions.

We use sustainable agricultural practices, and ecological restoration methods. Jones Family Farms actively believes that we can reduce the negative effects, and increase the positive effects, of agriculture. There are proven practical methods for developing restoration programs.  On a large and small scales, returning our farmland to an ecologically balanced and sustainable state benefits farmers, consumers, and the community.

Jones Family Farms acts on the principle that by preserving, and restoring land for farming, we are supporting local farming. In farmland restoration, conserving wildlife habitats is integral. Our farmland restoration projects are also at the heart of our desire to increase the availability of local and sustainably farmed foods for our community.

Farmland restoration is critical to our goal of being good stewards of the land, providing top quality local food, preserving the livelihood of small farmers, and ensuring sustainability.