Purchase Options

Jones Family Farms (JFF) offers a variety of meat purchasing options to meet the needs of each consumer.

Retail Cuts

Individual retail cuts are available at a number of grocery stores throughout the county, as well as at the Lopez Farmers Markets, Rain Shadow Meats in Seattle, and from JFF directly.

Steaks are packaged individually and range from one-half pound to 1½ pound per steak, roasts are 3-5 pounds each, and ground meat, stew, kabobs, stir fry are in 1# packages. All cuts are sold frozen by the pound.

Variety Packs

Variety Packs are combination orders made by JFF of overstocked and bulk cuts of available meats. Packs can be made for values of $150 and up with a 15% discount on retail prices. Each pack includes some quantity of ground meat, steaks or roasts depending on requested preference.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders of ground beef, organ meat & bones can be purchased at a discounted per box fee. Boxes are 35-40 pounds.

Custom Orders

Custom orders of a half or whole animals can be made prior to slaughter. Custom purchase yields significant savings and allows the consumer to have cuts made and packaged to one’s liking. Custom prices are based on hanging weight (post slaughter/pre-packaged weight). With the cutting and wrapping process, some weight is lost do to removal of bone and inedible trim.

Whole and half beef are $4.85/# Hanging Weight (HW). One quarter portion of beef is $4.95/# HW. The hanging weight beef is approximately 650 lbs. Pork is $6.00/# HW. A hog weighs about 220-240 lbs HW. Goat is $9.50/# HW and weighs about 30-40 lbs HW. Lamb is $7.50/# with a hanging weight between 40 -80 lbs.To be sure of availability, orders must be made in advance with a deposit of $150. Partial refunds of $125 will be given for cancelled orders.

Direct and Special Orders

Direct or special orders can be made from JFF by phone or email. Orders must be made by Tuesday to ensure delivery the same week (if product is available). Pick-ups can be made by special arrangement. We make weekly deliveries to San Juan, Orcas and Seattle. Orders over $150 will receive a 10% discount. Orders under $150 are priced at full retail price.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for direct purchase from JFF. Gift Certificates are available in amounts of $25 and up.

Wholesale Order & Price info

Please contact us.